animating a collision with an object following a path

I have this idea that looks pretty simple in my head, but turned out to be pretty hard to animate.
I’ve got this animated bee that is flying along a path, and i want it to collide into an object, bounce off and then continue the path. The problem with the path is that the object following it wants to go in a smooth line, not in a ‘colide-and-bounce-off’ line.
Is a path animation the right way to do it or is there an other, more convenient way?
Thanks allot in advance!

Depending on the shot you are after, I would probably “cheat” it with creative camera work, and post production. Have the Bee follow the line the whole time, but cut a second close up shot of a separately animated bee bouncing off and falling off shot, then cut back path to the path follow.

That wont work, however, if you want it to be one continuous thing. That said, rethinking a shot slightly can save you hours of work, and still tell the same story.

that is an option indeed. thanks allot already!

No worries… you could try this too…

I think you can animate constraints, so in my head you could parent an empty to the line, animate the empty along the line instead of the Bee and constrain the bee to the empty. that way you can un-constrain it to have it hit the wall, and then flick the constraint back on to pick up the path again. i think the constraint happens relative to the empty, so the Bee can actually be like 20 feet above the line and still follow it. The empty will act as a kind of remote control for the Bee.

I fixed it now with some camera trickery by letting the first path stop at the collision object, then manually animating the bounce with the location parameters, letting the bee bounce out of view, and then letting a clone bee fly back into the camera view following a new path

but when I got more time I’ll be sure to check out the constraint method.
I’m a beginner so everything takes a lot of time to figure out :wink: