Animating a Conveyor Belt

I was just wondering how you would go about animating a conveyor belt? I’m not sure on how to get the texture to move. I tried having the texture display according to an empty, and moved the empty with the belt, but that didn’t work. I’m totally stumped. x_X

I’m pretty newbish at animating, so help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Well, I make a bunch of seperate conveyor “plates” instead of having just one big block. That seems to work. Just wondering if there’s a more efficient way, or if I did it right. Thanks.


The threads below are for tank treads, but I think the concept is pretty much the same.

I don’t understand what exactly you want to animate : the belt mesh or the belt texture?
On this example the belt mesh was animated.
It is always useful to post images pointing at the problem.