Animating a cube to pivot on a different axis

I’ve just started learning Blender in the past few days, and I need to know how to create a cube to pivot 90 degrees one way and then another 90 in another direction, for example to pivot forward then to left.

I can’t figure out how to do this so that the cube keeps its original movement rather than it changing its location completely after applying a rotation, causing the first pivot animation to be completely different…it’s frustrating.

I know on 3Ds max you can do this by having a link constraint and linking that to a dummy, but unfortunately I’m unable to use my laptop so have had to use a new software.

If someone could help me that would be grand and I can link an example of what I need to do if that helps


Like this? I changed the objects origin. I can tell you how if you need and confirm it is what you need. Welcome to BA

Yes I think that would work, this is the example of what I need mine to look like

Thanks if you could let me know asap that would be great really appreciate the help

That animation changes the pivot point. Humm?? Im thinking. One way I have come up with is to it in to separate renders. put object origin in one corner and and animate the first change then move the origin and animate/render more.
In edit mode select a corner vert for pivot point and shift s cursor to selection. Object button / transform/ origin to 3d cursor. Now it will pivot there.
sorry for the slow reply I had to go to a real job today.

That animation changes the pivot point. Humm?? Im thinking.

Way number 2
I made a shape key and went from 0 to 100 % in one frame and move the object in one frame so it just looks like the origin moved but something i do not understand in transforms. The X and z axis from 0 to 90.

Thanks for your reply no problem at all i appreciate the help, i’ve tried the first one, do not quite understand the second, but with the first one you’ve suggested it still ends up in a different place for me when animating the next movement however this has worked better than the things i’ve tried before

I managed to work out how to rotate the other directions by using bones and linking them with the cubes individually, however i’m on the 3rd turn which needs 4 cubes each side to be connected and pivot into halfs (if this doesn’t make sense have a look at the video again ) but because the cubes are already linked up i can not do the same as i have been doing with this next transition.

Need this done urgently and I keep getting stuck D:

Here is how i did it. it will work if doing 8 of them does not freak out the brain. I hope it will work for you. If there is more i can do just PM me.