Animating a cut, literally!

Hey guys,

I’m trying to animate a surgical operation for some sort of skull development problem. Anyways, what I want to animate is a cut in the skull. I tried animating this with booleans, but the result isn’t really groundshaking.
So have you got any tips on animating something like that?

Thanks in advance!


kind of depends on what kind of cut - if you mean like a scalpel cutting the skin - I might use shapekeys - if you mean the lid of his head being cut off - I’d probably use two seperate meshes being pulled apart

What I kind of had in mind is that the bone ‘disappears’, when it is cut. So it should look something like this: that possible in any way?

modifiying this tutorial work for the cuts:

probably easiest to have two separate models to, one that will animate the cuts like in the tutorial, then swithc to a seperate model withe the cutaways seperate so you can move them away the cut off pieces