Animating a dance scene

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are having a great time. I’ve made an attempt rigging a dummy and making it dance.
Please share your opinion on ways that I can improve my skills in animation/rigging… things that have gone wrong in the video. Its still in progress, for now I’ve hit the pause button wanting for some honest reviews before i proceed any further.

Thanks.Demo Reel Dance0000-0527.mkv (3.3 MB)

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I think you have a good start. Add more follow-through motions as he turns and allso make use of legs and hips to allso go up and down.

But like I said, a good start!

Thanks @arch111 appreciate you taking a look into it. I’ll add more follow-through motions as you suggested

Do suggest if you find anything more.

Just a random thought would you suggest something like this to be included in a demo reel? somewhere down the line I had that in my mind.

I got an advice one about reels. Only include your best and recent work, and preferably what you would like to wo for a living.

So, if you want to animate, maby build a stage with some cool props around and good lighting and go all in. Why not right?

But in this video since there are no facial expressions involved, can it still throw a good impression??

As movements go sure. That all depend on what you want to show a potential employer.

I have seen plenty of animations using simple manequins on YouTube. Just make it your own.

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