Animating a Doggie: Trouble With Vertex Groups

Hi, I’m having trouble with the vertex groups in this blend file.

With envelopes active instead of vertex groups it works okay enough. But when I try to use vertex groups instead, the rear hind legs cause problems with other portions of the mesh when I’m trying to move only them.

The armature is one of my first so it probably isn’t done completely the right way.

The Vertex Group for the Bone you’re posing has Verts in other groups assigned to it.


Thanks for your reply, I used the Brush like mad with it on zero setting on all the verts that seemed to be jumping that shouldn’t have been, and yet it still was doing that, but I’ll look into it.

Despite how long it took to get some help, actually these forums are the best I’ve seen for support like this =)

It’s the holiday season so most people have jobs, shopping and parties to attend to.

In WeightPaint mode use Shft-LMB to ‘find’ your Vertex Groups and if there are misappropriated verts they’ll show up.