Animating a folding leaf of paper?

I was trying to animate a leaf of paper folding into an origami plane, but as I was positionng vertices and adding keyframes I found out that nothing was being stored in those keyframes.

I tried loc,rot,scale, visual,loc,rot, Available and Mesh (the two later ones I dunno what they do), but no good.

So I was wandering how to get the model shape to be recorded through the animation… I tried using an armature, but given the type of plane I was trying to fold it into, it got very confusing.

I’m still trying to get into animating things, so I’m not so good at it. I think that probably there’s many ways of doing it, and I’d like someone to suggest me some way(s) that could work.


you can make mesh keys, ( absolute vertex keys ) but they are tricky to work with. you probably just weren’t finding them. i reccomend using relative vertex keys though, which are now known as ‘shape keys’. There’s a panel for them in edit buttons next to your modifier stack. You will find they are a breeze, and once you make them, you have sliders to key the influence in the action editor.

hmm, I just found a tutorial about shape keys a while ago. I’ll check them out.

EDIT: I’ve tried them now. I’m still on the way to understand everything about them, but it seems to be a very good way of doing it. But, somehow, they distort the mesh in unwanted ways sometimes… I’m still trying to figure out why…