Animating a gun

Hello i am very new to Blender, I just downloaded it yesterday.

I made this simple gun for a game I’m making in unity 3D and I’m trying to figure out how I should animate the gun shooting. I have never animated a 3d model before. You see that little cylinder looking thing sticking out on the left side? Thats the charging handle and I want that to move back and forth when the gun is recoiling from each shot being fired. Should I texture the gun without the charging handle, and just texture them both separately. Then put them together for the animation?

Also how would I do Magazine changes?

I would make the charging handle a separate object and a child of the gun. Then you can animate it separately and it will otherwise move along with the gun, which will also have its own animation.


If that is the first 3d model you’ve ever made, ur a savant.