Animating a human

I made my first human and its rig. Since its my first full body attempt it is not so great. I have not finished the fingers yet because i think it is too advance right now and as i get a little better with the rest of the body i will learn the fingers.

I am interested in animating it but i have ran into some problems. These are just a couple of problems i am facing. I know there is a lot more though.
I would like to able to pull down the hip bone and the legs will bend in a squatting position.
I would like to get IK constraints
The foot does not seem to bend properly

Here is a blend file so you guys can see the rig.

This is a lot to ask for. Any help is much appreciated.


humanbodylegstrialbonesweaponsweightpaintingfinishingrig.blend (923 KB)

Should this go in the focused critique section?

Basically with IK legs you will be able to make your character squat by moving the hip. I recommend just doing a search for leg rigs, or buying a resource such as the Mancandy FAQ, or downloading a free model to dissect.

Ya i will research it a bit. I was trying to add IK’s to the leg and do something similar to the bsod character animation tutorial and also the IK so that the knees stay straight but i was having a lot of problems trying to do it. I think i have a bone that is useless, not sure what to do with it. I named it the ankle, its between the lowerleg and the foot.

I was looking around and i found out how to do the IK leg. It is working pretty well too. I am having trouble doing the arms though, anyone have any suggestions?

If you guys have a chance, can someone look at my toe bone? I am having problems with it and i don’t know why. It is not bending like i want it too.

Also, along with my last post questions, i have a new one :p. The toe problem also applies to the fingers. They wont bend like they should. I never weight painted, i just did bone heat. Could this be the problem with both?