Animating a Lazer gun!

I am trying to animate a Star Wars styled laser gun. I thought of using a particle system shooting out from a single vertex. But I was unable to get the randomness that I needed. So I then thought maybe doing a setup where I could control the shooting speed by clicking, then recording those movements using the IPO recorder. But when the bullet is fired, it disappears when the next one is fired… Hmm… I have hit a roadblock.


you have a lifetime amount, and a set amount to be displayed which stops your other bullet and basically just shoots another. try changing the lifetime value and how many can be fired at once (been a while since i made an actual shooting gun)

I did it:

You just have to make a (texture) long oval shape (the color of the desired laser) in gimp, and then apply a Gaussian blur a few times, then put that on a plane.

Edit: You need to use a player template (you really need only the logic), because it’s very hard to create a good player yourself. I used the one from Squish the Bunny.

I’m trying to do this too, and I have a few questions. First of all, how do I make a texture so that only the texture shows up and any spots not covered by the texture are completely transparent? Also, what is the correct method for making a “billboard” thing so that the bolts track to the camera but only around the axis pointing straight out of the gun?

In 2.5 you need to go to the object data tab, then scroll down, (this is in edit mode with face select mode enabled) and click on the tab labeled texture face. In here is billboard, and where it says opaque you can change that to alpha, which is how you remove the background on a texture with transparency enabled on them.

Pretty sweet shot animation. Both the muzzle flash and the explosion effect on impact are pretty cool. Mind releasing the blend or atleast sharing some of the textures?

@ Ethan n.: I don’t have 2.5, but thanks. I’ll see if I can find it anyway. I’ll probably get 2.5 sometime.