Animating a linked group

I’m practicing animation and I’ve encountered following problem: I have a car that has 5 parts: the body and 4 wheels. So I can link it I’ve created a group out of those 5 parts. Then I’ve linked the group in my scene file. First thing I’ve noticed is that I can’t even select the different parts. I found that I can use ctrl+alt+p to get to the different parts but when I try to make one wheel spin the wheel is split from the rest of the animation and stays behind. So far I couldn’t find a solution to this problem.

The normal workflow is to rig it in your source file, then proxy the armature in your linked file. Why do you want to link it and then try to rig it? To do that, you need to make your linked file local and you are right back where you started. Don’t do it that way. When you proxy the armature, the real linked armature will follow all the movements of the proxy armature.

My car doesn’t have an armature. I’ll try with one next.