Animating a minecraft fight scene help?

Hi guys, just putting it out there!

I need someone who is good at animating minecraft, and is willing to do it for free?
That might be a big ask but I am just putting it out there if anyone does want to help and they can show me some of there work then that would be amazing!

Its a for a minecraft machinima thing I am doing, its mainly for this epic battle scene I am doing, so if you can do this then great!


EP 1-

Hi I’m Kbo39 and think I could make what you looking for. No the graphics but the animating I should. If you would like to see one of the videos I made I think it would be in the style you are looking for here is the link If this is the type of animation you looking for plz tell me. Also don’t worry about the smoke part got that fixed now and is no long a problem