animating a neon sign advice needed

Hello every one

I come to you all looking for advice after 2.5 hours of searching Google and yahoo for possibilities.

I am working on a small project that involves a flashing neon sign for a video. i can get the glow I want several ways like the blendsaber plug-in and glow.
I just don’t know (cant find a way) how to make the “Sign” both flicker and flash on and off.
And yes I did see the flicker button in the plug-in properties nothing happens.

Just looking for good advice thanks for the help.

If you hit I-Key in the Buttons Window you can put an IPO curve on the HaloSize. In the Material IPO’s you can set a curve for Emit. You can also use a ‘Mode’ IPO to turn Halos on or off though it doesn’t work like other IPO’s. I’ll explain if you really need it.


one more hack would be to move the neon mesh out of way of camera for one frame, or set its material’s alpha value to 0 for a single frame and set it back to 1 after that frame by putting another I-Key!

hope i posted something useful :slight_smile:

ill give them all a try and post my findings. thanks guys

i found that the easy way is to load the scene in the SE copy the scene
Apply the lightsaber plugin to the first copy of the scene. seems to give me what i want.