Animating a rowboat + rower(?)

I am in dire need of help in animating a cycle for a sailor rowing in a small rowboat:

Where should I start, I have made a simplistic rig for him, but will it be enough? I want to use this animation to loop in a game. How do I make the oars stick to his hands AND the oar-holder thingys at the same time? Anyone know of where I can find a nice animation allready made that I can use for reference?


I’d really like a quick answer… )=

I’m not entirely sure how to do this, but i would play around with
a track to constraint to the hand, and maybe copy location too.

Don’t know if that was any help at all :confused:

No hablo espanol. :spin:

JK, i do speak spanish, but I still don’t understand what a track constraint and a copy location is… :(. Please elaborate :slight_smile:

Make the armature for the ore start at the “ore holder thing” and extend to the end of the paddle.
Create a bone in that armature at the handle of the paddle and parent it to the ore bone.
use a copy location constraint on the hand bone to the bone on the handle.
I rigged up an example for you:
Just press alt + a and preview the animation.

You might want to animate boat moving across the water first. Add a pulse style motion then time the character to it.

Also if you want the boat to react to the waves on the surface consider vertx parenting the boat to the waves. This will add a lot of realism to the scene. (see attached blend)


ras_vertext_parent_cube_on_plane.blend (270 KB)

Let the position of the oar be determined by an empty, located at the oarlocks, which is constrained to track an empty located in the oarsman’s hand. This will cause the oar to “point to” the hand at all times.

I’m pondering how to make the oar “slide up and down in the oarlock” without passing through it…

For what it’s worth, I think I thought of a better way… instead of pointing from the oarlock to the hand, point from the hand to the oarlock. And maybe use IPOs to adjust the influence. Oh well.