Animating a square on a path, while also copying the form of the path

Okay i have run into a wall here. I’m originally a 3Ds Max designer, but i’m using Blender for this one.

I have animated a cube (supposed to be a piece of paper) along a path. Now i would like it to follow the curve as if it “bends” to the line.

So far i made this, using the Curve Modifier. The problem with this is, that it works fine for simple left to right, but not for left-right-up-down-etc movement.

Besides that, i need to fold the “paper” and then continue the movement.

How could i easily do this?

this is what i want

And this is what i have

so this is step 1 and 2. Problem with this is i used only the Curve modifier, which means i’d have to seperate each and every time i’m going to “fold” the paper. With a Path modifier i could just “jump” to a new path.

You can use Armature, parented to paper mesh, as an object that follows the curve. And as Armature follow along the curve, animate it folding.

That would mean i would have to have to bend the paper manually along the entire path… and since i have to do a LOT of papers, that would be too time-consuming

Using that method, i’d have to create an armature for every paper, and have to manually edit it on the curve. Which would take a LOT of time. isn’t it possible to combine the Follow Path and Curve modifier? i have allmost found a method, but when applying the Curve Modifier, the center of the object is suddenly no longer in the center of the object