Animating a squirrel model file (has armatures setup)


I wanted to simply know, where do I begin with trying to animate this model character. I got it nearly a back from blenderswap. The way it is rigged, I can’t rotate the arms pointing forward.

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About “Scrat from Ice Age”:

  • Blender: 2.74
  • Render Engine: Cycles
  • Uploaded on: 2015-04-22 04:05:16

Another model from a popular animated movie! XDScrat is fully rigged and both Cycles and Internal versions are included on the download.Watch a timelapse of how I modeled Scrat here: watch an animation I did using the model here:!

Hmm, I did try the creator, but no response.

It is movable, the parts, but I can’t seem to get the arms facing forward, and outwards.

I did try and animate it using those armature points, but nothing. I for location, and then an R for rotation, of just ten frames.

I don’t know that rig, but by the looks of it, the arm seems to be in IK mode. Which means you grab the hand control and move it in the direction you want.

The file is there for you try. The other one packed doesn’t have the armatures.

But sure you can move the parts, but no animation happens by rotating one.

In order to animate the rig, grab the control, press " i " and choose location and rotation(this creates a keyframe), move the timeline slider to another frame and repeat the process.