Animating a text

Hi people :slight_smile:

I want to make a logo where the name of the company is playing with a soccer ball. However it seems to be difficult to animate easily.

I have rigged the word in such way that each letter have their own bone. As of now i can only rotate each letter at the bone junctions which then move the childrened letters around. It it possible to make it so that i can grab a letter and pull it, and then all the other letters follow along as if i am pulling somewhere on a string of rope?

(A picture of my current rig)

I have tried to find some solutions on google/youtube but nearly all videos are regarding character rigging.

I am fairly new to blender, and rigging/animating in particular, so i might be unfamiliar to any tricks that seems fairly obvious to the experienced blender artist :slight_smile:

Hope you can help

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The first stage is to attach the letters to the bones.

I think the easyist way to do this would be convert the text into a mesh by selecting it pressing Alt-C on object mode. You can then make each letter into a different object by pressing P (sePerate) in edit mode and selecting “By loose parts”. Now each letter is a different object, and you can parent each letter to a different bone.

As for animating the armature… I’d search for a tutorial on Spine IK.