animating a texture change

Hi i would like to know how to animate the change of one image textute to another image texture used on a plane as a backdrop background one scenery to another scenery slide show type of effect thanks anyone

Some times it is actually worth reading other peoples posts. The answer to your question is only two threads up.

ok i read the other post but le me see if you understand what i am trying to acomplish, i am tring to change the image on a plane object that i am using as a background i an not trying to animate the image or the texture just make it change the image on a particular frame, when i select the plane and go to the ipo window on the plane i change to texture mode but i dont see anything on any of the channels just on object mode i see ipo lines on the rot and loc channels which channel are you refering

The concept is to switch texture channels during animation. Blender supports only 10 channels, so if you need more than 10 changes a different approach may be needed like Holly’s script.

But remember each channel itself can be an animation, it does not have to though. You can even switch between video and procedural textures using this technique.

you use a material ipo and select the texture level , 0 is the first texture, and then animate alpha or value here is what i came up with