Animating a watch mechanism

Hi all, first post here :slight_smile: I’m creating an educational video on a specific watch mechanism and have modelled all the parts in 3D from scratch using real-world references. I tried to animate the parts using object constraints but they’re not playing nice and obviously it’s because I’m new at this and doing a video tutorial crash course only takes me so far.

I thought about paying someone to animate it for me but the challenge is getting that someone to first understand how the mechanism works — there are a number of complex mechanical interactions and dependencies, and it’d go a lot faster with my knowledge of the mechanism actively in the mix.

Would anyone here be willing to hop on a viewscreen Skype with me and guide me through what I need to do? I’d be happy to reimburse you for your time and expertise. Alternatively any suggestions on how I could get this done would be very welcome!

Here’s a screen capture of the 3D model. Thanks in advance for any input!