Animating a Wind Mill

Hi friends,
I have a problem. I want to create a wind mill(generate electricity from wind). I have complete my modeliny part of wind mill. Now i want rotate blades. Normally method there is no problem with keyframe animation. But my plan is to do this some other way. I dont know how to do this. my plan is that, there is a wind force field and i want rotate my wind mills blade according to the wind from the wind force field. ie, if the velocity decrese it should be affected if the rotation also. Is this possible in blender. waitins yous suggestions.

Thanks in advance

You could probably do this by adding in a driver. You could then determine the rotation (speed) by either intensity or a bone (or object)'s location/ scale.

Good luck!

I am not familier with drivers. I do only object LocRot. Any way its the time to lern some new things. Can anybody give some good tutorials links.
Thaks for ur great reply.