animating a window being shattered in slowmotion? is it even possible?

i would like to make something hit a window and then the window will shatter into tiny pieces and it’s in slow motion so you can see the shards of glass and all that…is it possible?

any help guys?

Just use the time ipo
And if you don’t know how to use it go to here: and skip it to 45 min

im sorry my internet connection cant download that sort of file, can somebody please help post a mini-tut or something?

i was also wondering how i can get the shards of glass, or should i just create many many objects? because if i do, then when its in the window it wont look natural because of all the refractions…any help?

This might help.

heh i saw that before…can anybody quickly explain how to set it up? ive never used .patch before :frowning:

couldnt get the expolode to work either

You could knife the window glass from different viewpoints, try to mimic glass breaking…

i have considered that but when they are together, the glass will not look natural with all of the raytracing and reflections and stuff.

can somebody please explain how to set it up?

Can you have two windows? One with the knifed or shattered edges and one that’s pure. I’m not sure if it would work perfectly but in frame have your good window and the next frame have that window disappear somehow and have the broken one appear. Because you want slo mo maybe have 2 - 3 broken windows each at a stage. The first being the beginning breaking and the next pops in with even more broken and flying apart and the third all broken and on the floor. There must be a better way because this would be slow and clumsy I’m sure.

very clumsy, i can think of a way to do it by using a seperate video editor to merge 2 anims together (first half with fixed window and second half with broken window) but i dont want to do that. can somebody please help me or give me info on how to work that patch?

Whats clumsy about making an object disappear? LOL thats funny

You wont need 2 separate animations. Yep, you only need: object 1 plain window and object 2 pre-shattered one.

Exactly like you would first have object without explode-modifier and then object with the explode modifier.

Only difference being that by using knife fractal subdivide you could get very realistic result, explode works along edges and thus the pieces will look like faces.

just put the shattered window on one layer that’s not shown until it shatters - at which point, you would move the other window to a different layer. I think.

hmm… I tried to make windows smachin. So I just tried to achive it with dupli-verts. You can see the little movie ive done, and say what you want, cant make the induvidial glass peices turn in diffrent ways, so here is the blend file, so you can take a look:


Slow and clumsy has to do with the skill and experience of the artist.

If you select the Vect button in the particles buttons, the dupliverted particles rotate according to what angle they’re taveling in. If you animate the dupliverted object rotating you can get a nice turning over and over effect.

Seriously, though, how DO you install patches?

You install patches by patching them into the blender source and then compile the source as usual afaik.

pikseli, can you be a little more specific?

thanks lasphere, but it wasn’t what i was looking for, it was good, but i would also like to see the glass turning :slight_smile:

Hmmm, yogyog, the vect was already turned on, i think the explode modifier patch is what i need, but i need to know how to set it up.

does anybody know if i can download a blender version which has the patch already installed?

I think jms may have compiled versions of the explode modifier on his site (search for him in the member list).

As far as swapping windows goes, it needs not be clumsy video-editing. Simply animate the Layer IPOs of the two windows.

[EDIT]Sorry, that’s his explode script as opposed to the modifier, but have a look at it anyway.

Inspred by this thread I put broken window in the Blender Tests section.

It includes how I made it - if you do the first section of this (the knife cuts at the beginning) and use the explode script, it will shatter like a window - because the object’s faces form the shape of how the window shatters.

But the window will be 2D! Not great.

You first need to decide just how much “excruciating detail” you actually want or need to show. This effect has been used so much that it has devolved into “visual schtick.”

But, if you want to do it, then I’d say use compositing to your very best advantage.

Before the moment of the explosion, we might have a background (revealing whatever is behind the window), and the window sandwiched in front of it. When the explosion begins, we’re going to have a lot of particle systems spewing things at you. Let them be separate particle-systems: smoke-and-dust, variously-shaped glass fragments, bones, gore, small furry animals, miscellaneous office furnishings … the more the merrier. :wink:

Then, using the Sequence Editor or something similar, start laying the pieces in. The background is always in back… the window is in place… (BANG!) the window begins to disappear in about eight frames, and the particle systems begin. Stack up these layers, slightly overlapped in time and with differing amounts of alpha (transparency). Stretch out the first few frames in time, then let them come up to normal speed. A fairly sparse smoke-layer, doubled with itself two or three or four times with overlaps, suddenly looks much thicker yet it took only one rendering-pass to make. Same thing for the gore and furry-creatures … well, maybe not the furry-creatures … just layer 'em in and double 'em up until it’s as thick as you want.

If you’re determined to make “the glass breaks slowly into a million pieces and the pieces start spinning out toward you” … that’s schtick by now. Plenty of online tutorials show you how. But, it’s been done.

Your approach, imho, should not be to “set up a complicated render, press Render, wait until tomorrow, look at it, tweak a few things, repeat.” Only very bored students have time for that. Instead, crank out individual components and then compose the finished shot, doing the latter work entirely in two dimensions.

Check out this site for an example of how you might do it. It’s really a plugin but, they give many examples with videos and snapshot sequences of what the plugin does. So, it really gives you a god idea of how you might do it in Blender.