animating added object from diffrent layer

Hi im making a simple fps and im trying to animate a enemy that is added with add object from different layer

i have set up the armature and animation and it animates on the layer it is on but not in the game layer

this must be possible can anyone point me in the right directions

ive tryed to google it and search for it here

im using blender 2.79

select the mesh that the armature deforms.
head to modifiers tab.
set the armature modifier on top of any other modifier.

That should do it.

thanks for the reply there is only the armature in the modifiers tap

Ok great, does it have the object set?

Next question, did you place the actions(that play the animations) on the armature(if not do it)?

From this point it get’s a bit harder to debug, could you make a demo file with the problem and upload it so we can take a look?

i dont know what you mean by setting the object

i included a example of the problem the main layout is the first one where the cube spawns another anim cube

Attachments (77.5 KB)

Alexiar, I made this modification in your file, see if this is what you want:

Ok, I’ve looked at your file and there are a few setup problems.

  • armature need all actions (you have this correct)
  • what i meant with object, the object in the armature modifier (you have this correct)

but then…

If you want to spawn an object and that object has no bounding box then you need to add the armature and not the cube. the cube is parented to the armature, so if you spawn the cube, the armature stays behind and resulting in no animations. But if you spawn the armature then everything parented to it will also be spawned. So to solve your problem spawn in the armature instead of the cube.

use a bounding box. Add a cube as big as your mesh, place the armature in that cube, parent armature to the cube, and finally spawn in the bounding box cube.

so you have:

  • bounding box, you place all movement bricks on this one, including the physics (dynamic for example)
  • armature, parented to bounding box, no collision, all action bricks.
  • deform able mesh, parented to the armature, no collision.

Have fun.

Thanks alot Cotaks I did what you said and got it to work :slight_smile:

thanks Luiz i have found the problem