Animating aerosol or perfume spray with particles


 I need to show the spray coming out of an aerosol can or perfume bottle with particles when the spray tip is depresssed. I'm have trouble getting the particles to spray in a conical shape, billow out and then dissipate. 

 I'm new to Blender, but not new to 3d. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


Make your emitter a single vertex object. Take a cube, for example, and delete all the vertices except one. Then make the particle system emit from vertex. This should give you a general cone type shape because all particles will start at the same point.

Hate to go against what Atom said but you may find it easier to use a tiny plane instead. That way you can easily control which way the spray goes with the planes normal. Vertex normal are always random if they’re on their own.

Not sure if this would help or not, but I came across it the other day. It should help with shaping the spray.