Animating Alphabets


    I Imported  Fonts In My System.

i Tried to animated The Font Path By Using Path Animation Technique(An Object
Following some Path using Follow Path Option).

But The Font Property is Not Accepting Follow Path Option.

My Desire Is To Teach Tamil Alphabets For Young Children Using Animation Technique Such That They Can Learn Through Animation How to Write Tamil Alphabets.

i converted Font to Curve Using Alt+c But I dont Know How To aniamte it

Is There any option In blender to Workout this idea?

if so kindly please Help me.

If you are trying to get blender to animate ‘writing out’ the characters (as a human would), you can try to convert the font to a curve, then get a particle emitter to follow the curve?

There is text on a curve or path, but we do not Call that Animating. When you say you want to Animate, do you mean:

  1. Make the letter appear as if you Wrote it with a Pen
  2. Make the letter fly around the screen and settle into a Position
  3. Make a Word snake around and fly into a Position on the screen.

My Desire Is to Make the letter appear as if i Wrote in the Pen