animating an "animal"

I have animated this beast (its only the body) but i have some questions:

  1. Is the animation good ?

  2. at some points in the movie you see a piece of the front leg on the other side of the beast coming trough its back why is that?

  3. can static animated particles still deflect for example that the hair in the feet of the beast don’t go trough the ground?

Don’t mind that the beast is not beautiful this is a animation and animated particles test.

here is the movie its in wmv

comments & help please =)

hey tobifrak,

i think it is a good start. the leg motion is good, but once you have it fully modeled, you will find that the added detail will require specific motion. the body in particular needs attention, as the spine will twist and rotate to match the actions of the limbs.

the particle fur has a good density, but i can’t determine what is causing that glitch. perhaps an errant vertex has been applied to another group? maybe incresing the subdivision of the object will smooth that out?

i beleive you can set the ground mesh as a collision surface as well, but someone else will have to answer that one.

jim ww

It looks like it is cleaning the floor - I want one!! :smiley: :smiley:

Using particle deflectors with static particles gave me really screwy results from what I remember.

Windows Media Player closes as soon as I open the animation :frowning:

Edit: Never mind, I just tried static particles with some deflectors and they seemed to work fine. That is, the static particles looked the same as they did animated. But I remember them being really odd in the past…