Animating an extrusion along a curve?

Hi there,
I’m trying to make an animation of an cylinder wich extrudes its z-value along a curve-path (arc-shaped), so in frame 1 the tube is still flat, and in it’s last frame the tube is as ‘long’ as the path and has the same shape as the path. Which constraint do I need to use? Follow path, or stretch to? I don’t seem to find the right solution, can anyone help me with this? :expressionless:
Thanx anyway! :smiley:

Neither. You can annimate the Curve Path, either with RVK’s (Shapes in 2.4), a Lattice, or with an Armature.


So you can’t animate a BevOb?
I used the BevOb to extrude an BezierCircle along a Path, but now I want this BezierCircle to extrude along this path in a time-span. This can not be done? Thanx for your help so far.

Maybe you can use Curve deform, with a plane parented to a path. Then try Loc IPO to move along the path and a Size IPO to extrude your mesh.

Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do! (I mean the ribbon effect)
I’m gonna try that! Thanx!

Actually, It can be done much easier :-? , by using the BevOb en the TaperOb, although I find the TaperOb a bit weird, you actually animate the TaperOb curve with vertex IPO’s. But it worked for me!
Thanx for the tutorial link (it was very useful!) :smiley:

Hi there again, I’m almost there.
As I explained earlier, I’m using a curve-path with a circle as a BevOb and an animated line as TaperOb. This TaperOb is like an horizontal line with a smal vertical line in frame 1, in the last frame the vertical line is stretch out all over the horizontal line, so it becomes like a sort rectangle, (hard to discribe without attachment) well that’s going wonderfull, but in frame 1 there’s still a very thin line visible of the curve-path (also in rendering), that shouldn’t be there. How can I solve this, has it got something to do with the TaperOb?
Thanx :smiley:

Never mind, I got it, all the horizontal vertices of the TaperOb should have a z value of 0 (local)

Lots has happened since I was here. I was suggesting that you just animate the original Path Curve, but good to see you sorted it out.