Animating an increasing counter

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently got back into blending (2.57b) after several years and I’m trying to animate a historical sequence of events over time and I’d like to have a ‘score’ or counter that increments in the corner of the screen as the animation progresses to show how far things are progressing in the story e.g. start of animation sequence “Day: 1” appears in the top right and at the end of the sequence “Day: 379” appears in the top right. If possible, I’d also like to draw attention to the counter by making it wobble or shake at certain key frames to indicate specific events in the timeline.

Is this something I need to script up using python or are there other ways to do it ? Can I read the counter values from an existing file ?



Have you solved this? I might have a crude method for you to accomplish this

Not yet - what’s your method?

Looks promising, I’ll give it a go. Thanks.