Animating An Object's Layer Property

As of 2.65 my project has been broken, I was using Animated Layers to move scenes in and out, see this for details.

Here is my problem: I am making Lightning, I have three different types of it and have each on a separate layer so I can do compositing on the whole layer, so I can not hide all the other objects to do the compositing, since its in real time, so using the make visible is not an option, animated layers was my only work around, now that they removed it, I have no other way to do this, that I know of, so to remove a feature just because it didn’t work the way they like is crazy, it worked, why not just leave it in and work on a better way to fix this, but just removing it is wrong, now I’m forced to use 2.64, or find another way to do this.

My Project is hereyou can see the first minute of footage is the lightning, you can see the Crystal Ball also uses the same technique, heavy compositing going on, does anyone have a clue as to how to make this work?

I have not found a way in the Compositor to output the hidden layers, does anyone know how to?


Reading your post does not make it clear to me exactly what you are doing but generally, If you are animating layers to make object visible/invisible, this should be done by turning on/off renderability of those objects in the outliner window.

so to remove a feature just because it didn’t work the way they like is crazy,
When every I’ve used layer animation it’s been really buggy so agree should be removed.

Thanks, I’m sure your right, which is why they removed it; but I found a way around it; which was the right way to do it in the first place, which was to move each object that needed to be composited to its own layer, then set visible and rendering off, instead of moving the layers, I get it now, to simple, and it makes it easier to follow.