Animating and Median point:

I’m trying to animate a figure by rotating it and Loc it to frame one then rotating it again and Loc it 25 frames or so farther on. When I start the animation sequence though it rotates around the objects median rather than how I have set it to rotate. I tried using RotLoc as well but it still moves around the median… how do I either move the median to the point where I want it to rotate or get it to capture the frame properly? Thanks.

P.S.- Hope you can excuse a newb for something this trivial.

IMHO the best solution for you is “Rotate around Cursor” (DOTKEY, COMMAKEY to switch back to normal behaviour). Or switch the pivot-point with " centre cursor" in the edit buttons(F9).

I moved the median point to the cursor, this works for rotating it in the key frames. But what if I didn’t want to move the median from a point that I had it at? When I tried to rotate around the cursor point it still wants to rotate around the median when I render it…???

You should nnot have moved the median point, just the cursor…