Animating and posing a robot...

That´s it, I modelled a robot as our IT company mascot. Now I need to pose it.

I created its armature, problem is that I don´t know how to animate it. I don´t think that vertex painting is a good idea, since a robot is not made of a single object, but instead, of loads of different pieces. Is there anyway to make each part of the robot attached to one of the bones of the armature?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

First off got to say this, you’ve posted in the animation forum, better to put this in support. (Down Below) This is for finished animations.

You are correct, you need to seperate your robot into his parts (make them different objects if they aren’t already), then parent each part to specific bones.
Put the armature in Pose mode. Select the object, then its corresponding bone. Now CTRL-P make parent to BONE.

There is a tutorial on precisely this here:

it appears to be from blenderartmag issue #1

That was my mistake, My armature was not in pose mode. Thanks, guys! :slight_smile: