Animating architectural interiors with Blender

Hello all. I am new to Blender. I have been using Vray/Sketchup to render architectural interior kitchen scenes, and have had good results. However, I would like to animate kitchens, showing doors and drawers opening, trash cans pulling out, that type of thing.

Sketchup is limited on the animation side. It looks to me like I should be using Blender for these animations, but am unsure where to start. Is there a certain renderer I should be using externally? ( Yafaray / AQSIS) Are there renderfarms you can send the animations to?

I know these are very basic questions. If I am going to invest the time to learn Blender, I at least want to get started in the right direction. I appreciate any feedback you might have.

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You can use Vray with Blender as well (

As far as renderfarms go, there are a few of them that supports Blender such as GreenButton, (free, community-based), Fox renderfarm, Rebusfarm and of course, my preferred renderfarm, RenderStreet (supports most external renderers)

I am not sure if any of them supports Vray/Blender though, you better send them an email about it.

Thanks Jake! I’ll check it out. It would be great to still use Vray, so the settings don’t change too much… Thank you!

nick2196, I too love modeling interiors. But, instead of animating the interior I animate the lighting over a day. By the way Blender has been getting better and better for architectural modeling. So you are dropping in at the right time. One site I enjoy is blendermama. She is a working CG artist using Blender for architecture and is a character too.
It seems to me architectural renders might be a good way to break into CG art. My Barbershop is a small stand alone building owned by the only barber. I bet I could get there early one morning and take a few pictures. Then model the building/interior and render a walk through putting that on a DVD. Assuming it was quality work I’m sure Ken would give me twenty five or fifty dollars. And, if he didn’t the experience would be invaluable. Not only that but a barber knows everyone and the word would get out.
However, from here to there it’s tutorial city for you. Be patient since Blender ain’t Sketchup. Between the Blender internal and Cycles renderers you can render right in the program with professional results. Best of luck and now the link. [URL="