Animating Beginners Question

I have a Mac, so the RMB is different, but it doesn’t work. I want to know how to select the sphere in this tutorial ("Basic Exercise #3):

Thanks! Oh, and what are the shortcut on Macs since the f9 and other f buttons are used for non-Blender things.

IIRC, use the AppleKey+click, Shift+AppleKey+click and Ctrl+AppleKey+Click.

Okay, now when I select the sphere and add a latice, scale it, add a lattice modifier and grab a “vertex” of the lattice, nothing happens to the sphere. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

dude i highly recommend you get a 3mouse button setup if your gonna get serious into modelling =(
will get frustrating.

Check your spelling . Or Ctrl-C/ Ctrl-V the Lattice name into the OB: field in the modifier’s panel … If that doesn’t work post the blend …