Animating between set targets for multiple objects (batch?/python?)


I am doing an animation of an assembly with for target points:

  1. Container is lifted by a crane and then positioned to the final location.
  2. The crane then lifts the soft objects from inside to container to a set position in a type of scaffold frame
  3. The objects are “cast hard” inside the large frame and then crane moves them out, making sure the exit remains clear from hitting the frame
  4. From the clear out, each piece is positioned to its final destination

Here is the file: crane rig test.blend (476 KB)
In the setup above, everything remains the same except the last target, as each piece goes in a different location.

What would the best approach be to animate this?
So far, i tried one piece, first with parenting it to target 1 and then parenting that target to the crane hook. However, I am moving the crane hook manually at the moment to target 2.

I am also fiddling with copy location / child of modifiers, but it seems that it also that its a long process

Would it be to draw curves between the 4 targets for each object and set the crane hook to follow curve?

Edit: I haven’t been successful at all trying to draw a curve that my driver point follows.