Animating bullets entering a chaingun

I have a basic minigun model that I’m using in a game project. And will also be using a higher poly version in a film project. So I’m trying to animate it atm. The barrel is all animated. Now it’s time for the bullets. But I don’t know how to make all of the bullets follow a single path, and still all go into the chamber. Here’s a pic of the bullets and the chamber, and the blend file.
Any ideas on how I would go about doing this?

why doesn’t having the bullets on a path work?

add a bezier circle

press c to make it not a circle

press 3d and path in the edit buttons

tweak as you like

make your bullet a child of that object

there are tutorials on paths, but for the life of me I didn’t find one in the blender documentation on

stuff about curves:

hrm, but it is in the blender 2.0 guide [which happened to be at my local library], a nice tut with a rocket and particles and …
[I think] maybe?

That does the same thing as a normal path. The bottom bullets work fine. But the middle ones keep going up, instead of turning the corner. I need all 20 or so bullets to follow the path, not just one.

Find the old tank track tutorial!

you can parent all of the bullets to the same curve and give each one an offset.

Offset? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I havn’t done to much animation yet.

well if i were making a chain gun i would do it like add a propertie to each of the bullets 1,2,3,4 and so one the left mouse click take a propertie up and when the prop is on 1 then edit object 2 edit object if u need greater detail just ask. i could make u a .blend up just a test.

Sorry I’m totaly confused now :-?

Heres a little something I threw togther, the bullets on a path with offsets, the cases and the heads on particle systems. Hope its some help :wink:

>><< blend


Something else to think about. If the ammo supply is never-ending (as it usually is, in a game…), there is no need to show “twenty bullets all doing the same thing” because the movement of the 1st bullet is exactly like that of the 20,000th. You need to show the chain moving up only one step. Then you can repeat that animation. As long as the “next bullet” precisely coincides with the position of the first when the cycle is ended, a single animation cycle, for one bullet, is quite sufficient.

The animation is going to be going on very fast, with a lot of vibration to the gun, and presumably mist and smoke so it seems you could actually get away with quite a lot here.

Hmmm that’s deffently a good idea. Oh and Thanks for the blend Nozzy. I’m still working on figuring out the offset thing. But I’m almost there :wink:

An easyer way to do it could be t set bullets 2 and down to be a staic part of the scene, and have a 10 frame anaim of bullet 1 moveing up the chain ( gives the illision of movemment at a rapid rate)