animating bullets shooting from a gun and hitting things?

i’m working on an animation where two character are shooting at each other, and i need to know the best way to make the bullet objects shoot from the gun object, I was thinking with IPOs, and for the collision on objects I was thinking a particle emitter parented to the bullet to make it look like dust shot up. If anybody has better suggestions please tell me.

Bullets move so fast you can barely see them. Unless you’re doing some crazy super-slow-mo effect you really only need the action of the gun firing (including a flash for 1 or two frames and maybe some smoke) and action of the guy being shot.

Also possibly use particle effects for a bit of smoke in front of the gun…
Not a lot, just enough to show it’s actually fired.

ah I see, thanks guys, any advice on how I would make the sparks/flash that come out the barrel of a gun when its fired? also particles?

Yes, but you’ll need a seperate emmitter for every shot fired. (Each emmitter can only have one start and end frame!)

Might be cool to parent a camera to the bullet as it travels, slomo, of course.