Animating by following path

Hi, I’m trying to make my camera follow a path and then animate it. I’ve achieved the animation, but i want that to occur farther along the timeline. Right now, i think as a default, it’s ding to animation of the path from frame 0. I want this animation to start at about frame 1200, but can’t find the option to do this anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated.

Add a follow path constraint to the camera. Select the path to follow, enable ‘Fixed Position’ and keyframe the offset value by RMB / insert keyframe on the value

Hi, I’m new at Blender and I’m having problems with recording a video, I watched some tutorials and succesfuly set camera to the path, but when I click on the red button to start recording and do other steps shown in the tutorial, recording just doesnt work and it seems like nothing is recorded although the camera moves. Thanks a lot for help!