Animating cam causing uv's to flicker

I have a vehicle and it looks ok, until i make an animation where the camera is moving. Then some of the uv’s flashing from light to darker shades through each frame.

The animations look fine if the camera is not moving( ie. when i had the camera parented to vehicle.)

I’m trying to do a flyby of the vehicle as it is going down the road. The car isn’t actually moving but the road under it, and i have the cam on a track to constraint w/ the vehicle.

I think maybe it seams to be only the uv’s that were made w/ seams (cntrl-e make seam) that are flashing. Not sure though. Is this a known problem?

My scene lighting is 6 hemi’s in each direction on an ipo for light intensity control… and one sun w/ ray shadow turned on.

I"m using blender 2.49b (i also tryed 2.5 and had the same phenom).

finally figured it out…

smoothing was causing the problem.

thanks for all the help.

Hello made_a_lamp,

Does it mean that, if you wish smooth surfaces and NO flicker, you have to increase the subsurf or even have more polies in your meshes?

I use smooth shading all the time with subsurf models without problems, but the one problem that is common with smooth shading is the appearance of dark areas of the mesh due to normals pointing the wrong direction… I wonder if that could be the problem here… Just a thought.


The last flickering problem i’ve seen, was when using Noise texture for a Material… Might not be your problem neither though…

ANother frequent problem in all versions of blender is vertex normal flipping that points the vertex normals at the camera, sometimes this messes things up badly!. If you have these wierd light dark flashes try turning off VnormalFLip