Animating changes to a UV map?

This may be a stupid question, but is it possible to animate changes you make to a UV map, for instance the texture starts out one way and then paint onto it to make changes over time?example: have a character paint war paint on their face simply by editing painting on the unwrapped texture in the image editor, without having to use dynamic paint?

With cycles you could animate two (or more) image textures, by keyframing the mix factor in a mix shader(s), although I doubt it’s going to look how you want. To do it you take two image texture and feed them into a mix shader. On frame 1 you keyframe the mix factor for 0 (you just right click on it in the node editor). Move to frame 10, and keyframe the mix factor for 1. The second image will "fade in " so to speak.

Dynamic paint is probably your horse here.

I agree with blenderallday, dynamic paint would be choice for this.

Without dynamic paint, you could create a series of images, showing the progression of the paint being applied, turn that into a video clip and use the clip as the texture. Paint the first touch of paint in the image editor, save it with a numbered file name, like 001.png. Add a little bit more paint, save it as 002.png, etc, etc… Then turn the images to a video clip, and add as a movie, not an image, type of texture. Quite a bit of work, more than I would mess with.


Thanks, interesting ideas. i took blenderallday’s idea and made two seperate textures, then animated the influence of both, as one goes down, the other goes up. With image textures maped to UV instead of cloud and wood it could work well.

Blender comes with addon called AnimAll and with that you can animate UVs.

AnimAll animates the postition of the UV islands on the map, not the color values of the map itself.