Animating changing color lights

I creating a danceclub scene and I’m not sure at all how to animate changing color lights. Does anyone know how?

You can do it something like this. Select a light. Push F4 for light propertys. Move cursor to bottom window. move to frame 1. set the light color. Hit I (insert key) . Move to frame where you want another light color (example red at frame 25) change color of light. Hit I . Continue until done. You may have to adjust the IPO ect, but this should get you started.

Whoops, forgot to say after you change light color and hit I to insert key choose RGB. :-?

A somewhat more detailed explanation:

Lamps have 3 properties named R, G and B, which define the 3 color components.

You can create IPOs for them in the usual way.

If you use the I method, you should choose “RGB” as the key.

couldn’t you do something with the saturation HSV values instead? then you’d only need to change one value really to get a nice flow of colours…

If you modify the HSV values in the material window and add a keyframe, it converts to RGB automaticly (IIRC).