Animating characters and dynamic load objects

Hi all,

I saw a few tutorials on animating characters. But they all do only one character. I was wondering. Is it posible to create a few animations with a certain animation skelet (armature) and save these animations. Then create a model. create the same bones as the animation skelet. Weight the bones and have all animations. or should I copy the bones and then link them to the new character. (and modify each bone to that character in size etc…)

And is it posible with blender game engine to load other blend files wich have complete scripts and animations stuff in it into a game. For example. A enemy bot. Wich has some walk animations and script that let him fire when he is near by the player. Put all this in a difrent blend file. Then you also have the level in a difrent blend file and the game itself will load both. Placese the enemy somewhere in the level. or even 20 times in that level.

thanks in advance.

  1. Yes, I think that will work. In the Actions window, just select the same animation and you should be able to play it back on another armature as long as all the bone names are the same.

  2. Use the Append function (File–>Append)