Animating Child affects entire rig


I’ve been trying to animate a model with rigify. I have a sword as a child of the right hand bone so it follows the rotations and translations of that bone. One of the animations I’m trying to do is have the character flip the sword but as soon as I insert a keyframe for the sword, the entire rig shifts over at about 80-90 degrees. How should I go about flipping this sword then? Are there any work arounds for this problem?

I like to use the copy location of a/to a hand bone.

Are you sure the sword is the child? Probably best to remove the parent constraint and use copy location/rotation as kazinger suggested.

I use a empty also. I parent the empty to the hand bone and use the constraints to hold the object to the empty. This way it is easy to move or position the object. Just grab the empty and move.