animating cloth

i am doing a cloth animation and can’t get it to move after i lock it in. what am i doing wrong?


You need to give more details. What are you trying to do, and what have you already done?

I have a piece of cloth that is going to fall over a ball, then i want to pull the ball out from underneith the cloth then the cloth will drop to the floor. my problem is that the cloth will move down when i mover the frames up, but when i look in at frame 1 the cloth will no longer move.

Not real up on cloth sim, but I do know the cloth needs time to fall to wrap around the ball, then you can start to pull the ball out from under the cloth. So say it takes 20 frames for the cloth to drop, wrap around the ball and come to rest. Then start to pull the ball out at say frame 30. More info here:



Create your ball, create your cloth mesh, animate your ball, set the ball to be a collision object, set the cloth mesh to be cloth, enable self-collisions on the cloth, bake the cloth sim.