Animating colors

Can colors be animated? Right now I have a truckload of keyed mix shaders to turn on and off the influence of 6 colors, and I am hoping there is a better way.

Mouse over the color and rmb -> insert key frame - inserts a key frame for the color. Change to a different frame, change color & insert a new key frame. Rinse, and repeat as needed…


Not sure what you are trying to do, but why aren’t you keyframing the color swatch in the shader itself? It’s just one glass shader tat you are trying to animate the color of, right? This will give you RGBA tracks in your animation editor.

Huh! I never realized this, Randy. This is MUCH better, thanks!

I didn’t know this, either, thanks. I’m glad to start filling in some of the holes in my Blender knowledge.

I should have started frequenting this board long ago.