Animating Cracks on an Egg - Seems simple enough, but

I’m trying to crack open an egg. I’ve created an egg and used the cell fracture add-on to crack the egg. My big problem is that I can’t figure out how to show/animate the egg cracking open in between. Any ideas?

Hello! I am unsure of what you’re referring to with “in between”.

I mean I can create a whole egg and a cracked egg…But I can’t figure out how to animate the cracks happening.

I am imagining that shrinking each cracked piece slightly will make the cracks appear. Or moving them in/out. A displacement modifier might work!

I would do a quick swap. As long as you aren’t trying to break the egg in slow motion, just have the whole egg visible, then on the frame that it cracks, swap out for the fractured version.

It might help if we knew why the egg is cracking. @SterlingRoth’s solution would definitely work if its just a regular ol egg breaking on the floor or something.

If you want it to slowly crack, like a creature is coming out, id render out the whole egg, and the cracked egg, and composite them together so i could manually control the cracks moving out. If the creature is breaking out, it’d help to animate the shell pieces being pushed out.

The manual says ‘Rigid Body’ physics - that’s the way we did it long ago, and more specific I think I scaled the unfractured one down while the fractured one was animating.