Animating duplivert size

Can you animate the size of particles when you have a particle system set to dupliverts?

Now got a problem with my particle system. the particles are goin backwards towards the emittor! tried adjustin all settings but it still does it. Any ideas?

as for your first question, you animate the dupliverted object; not the particles. Frames 1-100 represent the life of the particle while changing the dupliverted object (even if the actual particles have a longer or shorter life).

As for your second question, check to see if you have a negative force in Z. (near the bottom left of the panel)

if the particle effect is reversed, maybe check to see if you have a time IPO set for the emmiter.

Thanks for your help. In the end to solve the second prob i just built a new particle system. -z is a force i need in this one. It seemed to happen if i threw in -y then set it back to 0.