Animating Eyes with Empties?

Hey everyone!

I got a quick question. So, I made some eyes. Now I want to move them, and to do this I placed an empty in front of them and used the “track to” constraint. But whenever I do this, the eye automatically rotates around 90 degrees. How can I make the eye not rotate?


In the track to constraint panel, you will see options for xyz -x-y-z. Switching one of those will align the axis properly.

Just IMO, you should be using a bone, not an empty. Or have a bone control the empty. IDK what your project is but, if you have an armature, you don’t want to be keying empties as well. When it comes to refining your animations and sliding keys around on a dope sheet, or combining actions in the NLA, you are going to wish they were all bones.

Ill definitely try it! Thanks!