animating falling objects with collision detection


i have to animate a bunch of bulletshells which fall to the ground and build a pile. this will be also a still for a political poster.

any idea what is the best way? for the still i could translate all objects individual. for animation can i use gravity and collision detection in blender? somewhere i read that you can now use the physics from the game engine inside blender!?


There is a python script that will bake the game engine physics into ipo curves. I have never used it myself and believe it was called IPOBurner (try searching)


Here are two python scripts that allows you to “bake” the game engine physics into an animation ipo:

There are other things that could be done. Do a search here at Elysiun … try bloded and/or dynamica. Many of the game engine’s physics capabilities are slowly making their way over to the animation side of Blender. Keep your fingers crossed that a future release may include them.

You could get a good Rigid zBody effect by using Blender’s soft bodies. You’d have to turn off “Use Goal” and then turn on “Stiff Quads” and set E-Spring to a high value (like .999 I think is the highest you can go to) then set the floor to do softbody colisions, and it should simulate your effects the way you want the to be, though you might have to mess around with the settings…

Hi !

You could use a mesh set as particle emitter, and parent your bullet shell model to it.

Then, you have to toggle the particle deflection of the floor plane.

I have used this feature to make a lot of small hearts falling down outside of a box, and bouncing on a pyramid with stairs… for a short valentine movie.

The problem is that the setting of damping and permeability is very hard to find, if you don’t want the shells to move on the floor…

The center of the bullet must be on a side, and not on the center, if you do not want it to pass through the ground.

I think that you’ll have to use several planes added one after each other during the animation (by layer Ipo) if you don’t want the shells pass through each other… :-?