Animating Feet that don't slide

Okay, I’m really starting to get irritated. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get the feet to stick to the ground firmly. I have a looping walk animation and I’m moving the entire armature object forward 1 step at a time. The first step works out fine, but when I start adding the other steps, it messes up everything before it. So when my character takes a step forward the leg is firm, but when I keyframe the body moving forward for the next step, the first step starts to slide around and so does the second one. I was able to somewhat get around it by adding “still” keyframes in between steps, and that somewhat kept the feet firm, but the characters body started to jerk after each step. Is there any way to get a foot to stay in place?

I’ve also tried changing the interpolation in the graphic editor and it didn’t do much to help the situation.

One control bone for the entire rig and one control bone for the top only leaving the feet to move independent.

Opps …

Use IK to get the feet to stay in place. You won’t be able to use shortcuts like loops and moving the root bone, though, without a lot of counteranimation.

Kazinger, can you elaborate a bit more?

Orinoco, I think I might try that!