animating fight sequences

i choreograph a few fight sequences for martial arts class and i have decided to see if there is any way to use blender to animate them. i understand the basics of animation as far as armatures, keyframes, and ipo curves animating each one from scratch is a major pain and slows things down alot. so my question is: what would be the most efficient way would to use blender to create fight sequences?

i am at a loss as to where to start on this at so any help would be appreciated

thank you.

idea anyone?

I have exactly 1/2 of a character ready to model. (Meaning I’ve never really finished one). But I have 2 suggestions.

  1. Only model half of a character and mirror the other half.2

  2. If you’ve never made a character before, read the tutorial on it at blenderwiki.

I think that’s it. Keyframe animation ain’t easy. People get paid six figure salaries to do it for a living because it is that hard (to do well).