Animating fluid ovar time

I’m trying to animate a composition that is pretty long, about 4 min. In some part of it, there will be a fluid (milk) pouring down. So I want it to start fro the min 2 for instance and last until min 3 or so. What I don’t know is hot make it start from min 2 and not from the beginning. Because when I do the baking it starts right away from frame 1. I thought maybe would be good to use the layers visibility but then the flow of the actual milk will pop up right away and won’t have the natural starting stream as it should. Am I correct or do you have any options? Thanks!

If you use an Inflow fluid you can keyframe whether the inflow in enabled or not. This basically turns on/off the flow.
See the attached blend file where
frames 1-49 Flow off
frames 50-100 Flow on
frames 101-150 Flow off


inflow.blend (180 KB)

That sounds cool, but I don’t have that option, is it because my version is 2.62? THanks!

See that tickbox to the right of the Inflow selection.

Unless there is a extremely good reason you still want to use an old version use the latest one

oh thank you. will update as well though…